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Install Me As A PWA!

This website - - is not just a website. It's an app. A Progressive Web App or PWA to be precise. PWAs are fast, secure and update in the background. PWAs are the future of the web.  As I write this in mid May 2019 the only desktop browser to support PWA desktop installs…
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Docker Quick Start

Docker is a tool for running apps within containers that provide an isolated environment. Containers are similar to virtual machines but containers contain a lighter stack. VM’s encapsulate entire operating systems including Kernel's where as containers borrow from the underlying OS the cont…
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Restrict Azure Web App Access

Want to quickly restrict access to an Azure Web App for a specific IP address or range? This short post has you covered. Login to your Azure portal and navigate to your web appClick "App Service Editor" Implement ipSecurity within your web.config. Below shows how to restrict a single IP address and an …
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Set Azure Web App MIME Types

When running web apps using Azures App Service Plan you may occasionally run into a problem where files or resources you have uploaded are not found even though they are where they should be. This usually results in a 404 error. This can be down to MIME types. "Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions" a…
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