Blockchain • Metaverse • X-Platform Developer

DevOps Engineer • Full Stack Developer

I incorporated Domainscanners as a small hosting company that I also use to complete freelance projects and contract assignments. Originally, I single-handedly provisioned and managed all co-located servers. I migrated all server workloads into the Cloud in 2018; first into Azure based VM’s (IaaS), then later I split the workloads into Azure / GCP PaaS and SaaS environments freeing me from VM maintenance.

DevOps Engineer Experience

As a DevOps engineer, I enjoy building automated software delivery pipelines. I have built custom pipelines using Tmux, Bash scripting, Node, TypeScript and JavaScript as well as using more conventual DevOps tools such as GitLab, Jenkins and Azure DevOps:

• Building custom CI/CD Pipelines for automated build, test, deployment and integration
• GitLab deployment pipelines to 3rd party app stores
• Jenkins declarative Pipelines with Groovy and bash shell scripting
• Azure DevOps and Arm templates
• SCM using Git, GitHub, Git hooks
• System Administration and Configuration Management with Ansible
• Continuous Integration, testing, and delivery
• Infrastructure as Code (IaC) with Terraform
• Docker and containers
• Microservice orchestration with Kubernetes and Azure Service Fabric
• Vagrant provisioning of development and test environments
• Implementing monitoring and alerting within a cloud environment
• Notification integration using Microsoft Teams, Slack and Azure DevOps hooks and APIs
• Linux fundamentals and excellent bash scripting skills
• Comfortable working in Linux, MacOS or Windows environments with Windows Subsystem for Linux

Full Stack Development Experience

As a developer I have been writing code for over 30 years and have used many languages, libraries, frameworks and technology stacks.

I am an advocate of Software Craftsmanship best practices and continuously strive at keeping code bases clean, DRY and free from technical debt:

• I call upon and implement tried and tested design patterns where possible
• General programming experience with Go, Rust, C#, TypeScript, JavaScript, Swift and Python.
• I especially enjoy designing and developing microservice architectures.
• Architecting microservices using Event Storming and Miro
• Domain-Driven Design (DDD) and Command Query Responsibility Segregation (CQRS)
• Microservices development using Golang, Rust, TypeScript, JavaScript, C#, .NET Core and Node
• Event driven microservices with message queues (RabbitMQ and ZeroMQ)
• gRPC, Protobuffers 3 with Golang and C#
• Cloud native modern web 12-factor app development
• Web Components and Polymer Elements
• Progressive Web App development (PWAs)
• Rust and WebAssembly development (Yew framework)
• AMP website and AMP web story development
• TDD and BDD
• MS SQL, MySQL and NoSQL (MongoDB) and Redis
• Azure Serverless Function and Logic App Development
• Next.js and React.js
• .NET Core, MVC and C# dynamic web sites

Notible achievements and experience include…

✓ Became an Automation SME using Jenkins and Azure DevOps CI/CD Pipelines
✓ Extended existing system provision and management experience
✓ Learnt to break monolithic systems into de-coupled microservices architectures
✓ Architected and implemented Domainscanners multi-cloud (Azure / GCP) hosting platform
✓ Successful cloud migrations for almost 100 projects
✓ Azure Serverless Function App Development
✓ Microservices Event Storming with Miro
✓ DNS Management
✓ Office 365 provision and management
✓ Microsoft Phone System management and Office 365 integration
✓ Microsoft Teams management
✓ Dynamics 365 provision, management and app development
✓ AMP website / story development
✓ Technical SEO

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