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Codable Protocol

Apple documentation describe the NSCoding Protocol as  A protocol that enables an object to be encoded and decoded for archiving and distribution NSCodable test test test Test heading Normal paragraph…
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Rust Microservice

In this post I'm going to show how to create a minimal Microservice with Rust and the Hyper Crate. Microservices are tiny, independent servers that perform specific tasks.  The first thing you need is the Rust Toolchain.  To install Rust visit or Im cur…
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OOP Engine Analogy

Keynote example of 4 pillars. Then a rapid demo using C#, Swift, C++ and PHP. xxx xxx xxx xxxxx xxx xxxxx xxxx xx xxxx xxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xxx xxxxx x x xxxxxxxxxx xxxxxx xxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx…
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